What Big Idea?

The business world is looking for ‘big ideas’.

Academia is producing more and more expertise about more and more specialisation.

3D Metrics brings the possibility of having big ideas by looking at little screens:

  • it is a new instrument of exploration by investigating microscopic images ad nano-scale and below, but also by looking at telescopic images light years away
  • it provides a new technique for measuring qualities such as porosity and homogeneity
  • it offers a new method for non-destructive testing or non-invasive inspection.

Prof. Pankaj Vadgama writes: “Improving diagnostic precision is of the highest priority in pathological sciences, and the technology to be exploited offers a real prospect for practical improvement in this. A particularly exciting feature is the possibility of using existing imaging information and traditional microscopy to achieve the enhancement; this brings practical realisation in the clinical domain that much nearer.”

George Por from Community Intelligence says: “You are contributing to the democratisation of the solution of complex problems.”


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