All business applications that can be derived from my generic software methods require user interfaces that are ‘application specific’.

Instead of writing ‘horses for courses’, however, it would be much more appropriate to create a library of core processes from which all applications can be derived.

Just as the inventor of Excel would have difficulties thinking about all the possible ways in which people would use Excel, so can I only describe possible applications in terms of general areas such as:

  • Digital Image Analysis – with the added advantage of being ‘technology neutral’. This is the foundation for my submission to the Wellcome Trust on the quantification of toxicity. As a unique ‘by-product’ to visualizing complex data systems, images can be ‘quantified’ and thus made comparable:
    • independence of the imaging technology allows for ‘calibration specimen’
    • comparability of sizes and time frames allows for ‘reference images’
    • comparability over time allows for quantifying ‘quality standards
  • Business Intelligence – with the USP of unlimited complexity. As soon as I have something more contextual to show, I could go to Capgemini where I met the right IT person, or the City of London where I attended the annual research reception.
  • Financial Forecasting – at the core of an exceptional ‘3dM trading system’. To fund ‘social businesses‘ via a ‘Sustainable Investment Network‘ would be my kind of ‘Digital Robin Hood Operation’.

The business model is also independent of the application area:

  • web services will allow for complete user interfaces so that people subscribe and ‘pay per click’ or at a flat rate
  • add-ins to major packages will allow for income from license fees
    • Excel will be enhanced with a graph style that overlays different time lines
    • graphical packages will gain added functionality by adding a forecasting function
    • image analysis packages gain added value from the metric functions that my core methods will provide.

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