Sabine K McNeill

Born as Sabine Kurjo in Silesia, I survived the bombing of Dresden as a 4-months-old baby thanks to my then 22-year-old mum. I grew up in the North of Germany (near Bremerhaven), finished school in the South (Munich), studied mathematics and computing in the middle (Darmstadt) and started work as a systems analyst at CERN the European Centre for Nuclear Research in Geneva, where the web was born.

In 1973 I was sent to Lawrence Radiation Lab in Berkeley, but a physicist friend of mine fell asleep while driving and we fell for 25 feet. Even though the doctor of the insurance company said I will not suffer in later life, I have not been without pain ever since. But I am realigning my skeleton most successfully with Bikram Yoga.

In 1981 I came to London with the vision of a ‘peace network’ of people and computers protecting our planet. I created “Turning Points @ St. James’s” and ran it until 1988. It still continues today as Alternatives.

I organised many other events, conferences and seminars and co-founded ‘NetReach’ – Networking Computers and Reaching out to People by Computer.

13 10 14 Only Connect covers RIn 1988 I married Ian R McNeill who as a young man had been the Assistant Director of the Greater London Council. I learned from him how to write in English and together we wrote the book “Only Connect – The Art and Technology of Networking for Personal Change and Global Transformation”.

Since 1996 I wrote and withdrew five patent applications, produced four pieces of prototype software and participated in many scientific seminars and conferences. I constantly need to compare why, although my thinking is ‘outside the box’, it makes sense: if and only if, it is expressed via software.


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  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi I should look into the background of Mike Grimsdale during his period as Treasurer of East Dorset Indoor Bowls Centre.


  3. chris hart says:

    Hi Sabine,

    my name is Chris and i was given your details by an investigative historian, who explained that you might be interested in some info i have, which may assist you in your mission to expose the truth.


  4. JM says:

    um, just found this page….and yes I really wanna know the answer to that one to! I’m still guessing…..but I had no idea you were that old….how old is the piccy? 😉 you’ve accomplished so much before I was even born…..or am ever likely to now….
    had kinda presumed you were born and & bred English as well….shows what i know!
    been a pleasure learning soemthing about you.


  5. JM says:

    i ‘had nothing to hide’ really either…..but you know what they did to me! never even been on a march or anything….alright for you, guess remaining highly visible is probably your best bet….and believe you have some relatively powerful contacts…..shame Ahmed getting lynched now, but by rights he probably should be in prison for that other thing…..


  6. JM says:

    twas trying to stay visible as i could online to, in the hope that when i’m disappeared again somebody would notice…..but even Hemming bizarrely/ randomly censoring me to now, so staying well clear of there….


  7. JM says:

    still can’t think str8… main point was that people do get killed and far worse when people know where you live…I used to work a bit in Data Protection and campaigned a bit on privacy issues….e.g. I was working at BT when somebody there sold their DB to, an american company, and everybody’s address was published on the Internet….Jill Dando would still be alive if not for that as well as many other people you will never get to hear about…..


  8. JM says:

    i’ll put my brain back in in a minute….who? the only way I know to get a name out of one is to kill one in self defence…..what you have to do to one to see some ID, make them admit that they’re G-men, do actually know who they are…….is beyond my powers of deduction!


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  11. Colin says:

    Hi Sabine,
    just quick note to thank you for endeavours, since having a stroke I have found it almost impossible to understand what on Earth you are on about sometimes, not because the information isn’t clear but because there is so much of it, thank goodness for your incredible stamina, more power to you, keep up the marvelous work!
    all the best of luck in the future.


  12. Colin says:

    Thanks for that offer Sabine, very kind of you and I may take you up on it at a later date, my son has me on Barley grass powder already and also doing my leg work at the moment but its all going forward so no worries,
    all the best


  13. George says:

    Hi Sabine! I am George, just reading your stuff and am quite impressed. Keep going strong! So sorry to hear that you are in pain, my Scottish wife was for years and i helped her back..if you get my message and are still around do get in touch with a response. Well done on your many acheivements!

    Kind regards



  14. Karen Hudes says:

    I would like to contact you. I am on twitter @:, on facebook at and I repost the tweets at . On Tuesdays at 6:00 pm EST I have a television series on DCTV, “The Network of Global Corporate Control” , which is livestreamed over the internet at archives are at, interviews are at


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