Metrological Innovations

‘Visual comparisons’ help us grasp changes, differences and similarities when we look and see. Hence we can ‘measure on screen’ if and only if the programmer can quantify pixels such that shapes and contrasts give us a ‘metric picture’.

My ‘Visual Data Intelligence‘ software required 25 Word documents to let my then 17-year-old programmer understand what my insights were.

This prototype is capable of

  • ‘layering’ any number of dimensions of numerical data
  • of any origin or application area so that they can be visually compared
  • ‘forecasting’ any number of time series
  • taken at any time interval so that a ‘visual bandwidth of confidence’ results.

    Other ‘core processes’ add to the system that unites what science has severed:

    • time and space – through ‘3d metric’ re-presentations of data
    • electricity and magnetism – through understanding the physics of light
    • relativity and universality – through the principles behind measuring the speed of light and determining the absoluteness of numbers.

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