Screen-Based Metrology

My Visual Data Intelligence software quantifies on-screen the ‘3dM way’ what all sorts of measuring instruments quantify their way.

It demonstrates

  • new underlying mathematical transformations
  • new software methods for analysing any complex data system
  • new software techniques for projecting any time series into the future or the past.

This deep level of genericness has great scope for a multitude of applications. But it frightens ‘concrete business people’ away.

Measuring instruments are based on:

  • the international system (SI) of basic and derived measuring units which
    • is based on measuring electrical and magnetic phenomena
    • uses the speed of light as a constant
    • treats time as a4th dimension
  • institutionalised perpetuation of thinking which has no room for ‘conceptual quantum leaps’
    • I have collected nearly 30 business cards from the National Physical Laboratory – the mekkah of measuring in the UK. While one bright young man spotted that my approach to measuring was more ‘holistic’, he has given me important sample images. But, so far, it has been impossible to create a funded co-operative platform together.
  • ‘intellectual property laws’ that never protect the individual inventor but always the ‘company’ of investors and shareholders
    • Whilst applying for funding from the London Development Agency, I was asked to supply ‘more’ to describe the ‘technical innovations’ of my work.
    • Against my express will and without prior agreement, anonymous assessors were asked to judge whether my work was considered so innovative that it was worthy of being given ‘public money’ to.

It appears as if I have to have functional application-specific software ready to use before people can see the value and benefits of my generic software methods.

However, analysing digital images has led me to possibilities of application that may fund some of the possibilities of measuring new qualities in science, especially medicine and pharmaceuticals.

Quantifying toxicity is the proposal that the Wellcome Trust is considering.  And while they take their time to think and read, I keep myself amused with promoting ‘social businesses’. For my business propositions will all be of a social nature by addressing education and health and by being owned by a woman…

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