How do I Streamline Creative Output of #UniversalScaling for #ProfitForPurpose and the #EmpathyEconomy?

First came the patterns of prime numbers that are not supposed to exist. So I built, thinking I could protect my ‘mathematical art’ with NFTs and sell Prime Number patters as Excel worksheets. After all, they were rather time consuming to create. A year later, I decided to ‘downgrade’ which now produces 417 broken links on 114 pages… So it’s on ‘Coming Soon’.

Then I began to realise that ‘Digital Numbers’ are such a high level concept in terms of abstraction, concerning number theory, that prime numbers were a kind of red herring. Lord Sudeley thanks to whom I started the Forum for Stable Currencies in 1998 at the House of Lords, once asked: why do numbers need a theory?…

During 2022 I experienced so many eye openers that I have to prioritise. Dr. Jacqui Taylor asked about First Audience and Minimum Viable Prototype. That means:

  • Digital Number Patterns
    • as individual ‘mathematical art’
    • or as series of patterns that tell a story.
  • Or is it better to use Powerpoint for letting number patterns show us how they are mightier than words?

I produced my first set of slides when I saw Exotic Approaches to Naturalness as a workshop at CERN, my former employer in Geneva. My unwanted response has the title “Dimensionality and Ortho-Diagonal Symmetry as Keys to Unlocking Naturalness”. ‘Generalised symmetries’ had struck a cord, especially after the Beauty and Perfection of my Symmetries enchanted my best friend from CERN times. But I learned from the workshop organiser that the Wikipedia definition of naturalness was not sufficient to jump the bar of entry.

Since then, I have created two more series and am finalising the third one:

  1. How can Symmetries Scale from the Tiniest Nuclear Particles to the Largest Cosmic Galaxies?
  2. How can Pythagoras Help Scaling?
  3. How can Pythagoras Unmask π as a Trans-Dimensional and ‘3D Metric’ Scale Factor?

#ProfitFor Purpose means selling IP rather than publishing it for free. Hence I wonder who wants to pay how much for:

  • appreciating new visual relationships between digits and numbers?
  • understanding the shortcomings of current mathematical assumptions?
  • realising that metrics is the name of the bridge between maths and reality, ie. the world of geo-metry, sym-metries and coding as alternative to algebra?
  • recognise that the curse of dimensionality is a kind of ‘universal yardstick’ or Urmaßstab in German and thus a blessing?

If Einstein had use of computer and screen instead of pen and paper, he might have closed the gap between maths and reality. Instead we have to live with uncertainties and probabilities causing us to crave forecasts and predictions on all sorts of level. My bank even predicts the balance of my account at first sight, but I have to click, if I want to see transactions over the recent past… But watch this space! There are lovely new avenues towards new horizons!

About Sabine Ursula Kurjo

"Digitale Veteranin" nach Studium von Mathematik und Programmieren in den 60ern, als System Analytikerin beim CERN in Genf und 40 Jahren in London als Organisatorin von Konferenzen, Software Designer, Web Publizistin und Verteidigerin von Kinderrechten. Seit neuestem "mathematische Künstlerin".
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