The “3dM Network”

Thinking Partner, advisor and co-event organiser, Dr. Lilly Evans Dipl.Ing. Lilly is also co-editor in YuNuSphere, where we promote social business, together with Brad Meyer, Collaboration Ltd and Jim Hood, Interaction Technologies, Glasgow.

Simon Hull, developer of, currently under reconstruction

Robert J Bater, co-developer of Wellcome proposal and knowledge management expert

Ann Witbrock has admirably dived into the various pieces of code, including MATLAB as the mechanism for developing toolboxes to protect my algorithms. As she is now working with Simon, the ideal systems team has come together.

Ian Curington, technical advisor on visualization software

Stefan Schridde, Berlin, product development and project management of Quantenpark

Prof. Dr. Miroslaw Malek, Chair of Computer Architecture and Communication

Biomedicine and Nanomedicine
Prof. Dr. Pankaj Vadgama, co-presenter of Wellcome proposal

Dr. Richard Moore, Institute of Nanotechnology, collaborator in Wellcome proposal


Christopher Drew, SORIS, networker par excellence

Prof. Angus Kirkland from the Department of Materials has built his own microscope and calls himself a ‘resolution junkie’. After having seen my prototype, he wrote “the science is great and I’ll always contribute voluntarily”.

Physics and Software
Dr. Christoph Burghardt, PRO-NET, Cottbus, supplier of gas sensor for collaboration project

CERN and Grid Computing
Dr. Alex Efimov, Qi3, Technology Commercialisation Specialist

Stephen Cash, Chief Executive Officer, NanoCentral

Dr. James Johnstone, Nanotechnology KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network)

Prof. Dr. Sheri Markose, Director of the Centre for Computational Finance and Economic Agents at the University of Colchester, Essex.

Mathematics and Computing
Prof. Algirdas Pakstas, Network Planning and Simulation at the Department of Computingof the London Metropolitan University

Woman Returners
Ros Abramsky, former editor at The New Scientist, has been rewriting many texts for me. Ros used to decide whether to publish new technologies and fully appreciates my predicament.

Seraphine Beguedou has been working on the Climate Monitoring Project on the server of the London Metropolitan University

Ojaswini Bhagwat helped me with Visual Basic as well as Python code before she was pregnant again.


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